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Do I need a Managed Account?

An investment in professionally managed accounts provides peace of mind by ensuring your best odds of permanent wealth and comfort.

Most investors have careers, families, hobbies, and/or other interests that consume their time. In contrast, managed account managers and analysts wake up each morning dedicating their professional lives to researching and analyzing current and potential holdings for their portfolios. If you prefer to enjoy your time rather than pour over financial data, then use professional money management.

Most investors don’t have the resources or the time to buy individual securities such as stocks and bonds. In order to profit from investing in individual securities, an investor not only needs resources and time, but a considerable amount of expertise.

Here are some things to consider even if you are smart and responsible with your money.

  • Can a professional manager help me to be less emotionally involved with my portfolio and keep me from making rash decisions about my money at the wrong time?
  • Can an advisor help me to attain better and more consistent returns with less risk then I have been taking on my own?
  • Spending many hours creating spreadsheets and planning is one thing, but am I pulling the trigger into the right plan, at the right time, and making changes when needed?

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