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Why the number 72?

72 is the Perfect Number

The Rule of 72 – You can quickly find the number of years it takes to double an investment simply by dividing the number 72 by the percentage of the interest rate.

72 inches is the perfect height for humans 6 ft.

72 Degrees is the perfect temperature – According to Google Answers, the reason is “that the ideal temperature for minimizing asthma and allergies, preserving cigars, maintaining cut gerbera daisies, serving wine is 72 degrees!”, and according to Wikipedia seems to indicate that while it isn’t a scientific measure, that it’s the generally accepted most comfortable average temperature across seasons.

The ’72 Dolphins were the first NFL team to go undefeated. They called it the “Perfect Season”.

The average resting heartbeat is around 72 beats per minute.

All individuals seeking to become a stockbroker must take the General Securities Representative Exam, commonly referred to as the Series 7. The minimum passing score is 72%.

Earth goes through one complete precessional cycle in a period of approximately 26,000 years or 1° every 72 years, during which the positions of stars will slowly change in both equatorial coordinates and ecliptic longitude.

The Chicago Bulls achieved 72 victories during the 1995-96 NBA season, which is an NBA record.

In degrees Fahrenheit, 72 considered to be room temperature.

Typical championship golf courses carry a par score of 72.

72 hours in a 3 day weekend.

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