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Through LPL Financial

Manager Select is a separate account platform available through LPL Financial that offers high-networth investors the ability to access a variety of institutional portfolio managers at significantly lower account minimums. This enables clients to enjoy a higher level of specialization and service through the ownership of individual securities. Financial advisors can choose from a broad range of portfolio managers and multiple investment styles including equity, fixed income, balanced, international, ETF, REIT and socially responsible portfolios.

Manager Select provides access to over 175 of the nation’s leading institutional money managers and more than 475 investment styles. Managers of this caliber are rarely available to individual investors unless extremely high account minimums are met. You will enjoy a full range of consulting, advisory and management services for a fixed annual fee that is competitive with other investment options.

The separate account model, employed by large institutions and pension plans, extends the advantages of flexibility, tax efficiency and control to your personal investment situation. These features are seldom available with pooled investments. In addition, your portfolio will benefit from the knowledge and experience of your financial advisor, who works closely with you to construct a portfolio of managers focused on achieving our longterm goals.

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