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Personal Wealth Portfolios (PWP)

Through LPL Financial

The Personal Wealth Portfolios: Meeting Sophisticated Needs in a Single Account

Best of All Worlds: Separate Accounts, Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Products

Designed with your financial objectives in mind, the Personal Wealth Portfolios are revolutionary accounts that enable a new level of customizations and diversity, offering institutional-quality investment solutions tailored just for you. These portfolios offer a powerful combination of separate accounts and mutual funds in one account, or separate accounts only at higher asset levels, and are backed by industry-leading technology and research through LPL Financial.

Each investment manager selected for inclusion in the Personal Wealth Portfolios is subjected to a thorough evaluation and ongoing monitoring by LPL Financial Research.

The LPL Financial Research team carefully reviews the investment process and business background of each manager prior to its selection. This includes:

  • Conducting peer-group analysis
  • Evaluating risk-adjusted returns
  • Calculating market performance in both up and down markets
  • Studying performance attribution
  • Quantifying a manager’s style consistency

In addition, LPL Financial Research conducts a review of the organization itself, including management and employees, infrastructure, performance, compliance and growth issues.

LPL Financial Research analysts meet with money managers in person and maintain an ongoing dialogue through on-site visits, conference calls, industry conferences and questionnaires to track both the management process and the individuals behind the investment decision.

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